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Full Bokko Youchien

Since starting this site, I've done writeups on visual novels and RPG Maker games, so it only makes sense that I do a page on a visual novel made with RPG Maker (or rather, a free-to-download alternative to RPG Maker).

Full Bokko Youchien (フルボッコようちえん, something like Kindergarten of Abuse) was published in 2017 by Charon on their official website, with an English translation released a year afterward.

First, some background on the creator.

Most of Charon's games are, compared to most other RPG Maker games, light on gameplay, with an emphasis on narrative. This game is no exception; as said, before, it's a visual novel, as opposed to an adventure game like most of their other works.

That's not the only way this game differs from Charon's usual fare. The vast majority of their games involve some male main character being set upon by one or more violently obsessive female counterparts. While this game's main character does find himself victimized, it's not nearly as violent as one would expect from this creator.

The description for the game is deceptively simple, only reading as follows:

Mitarou's only friend in kindergarten is Kotomi.

There's a few things worth noticing about this.

First, the name Kotomi is an anagram of Mikoto, a character from Mikoto Nikki (みことにっき), Charon's first game. I'm not sure how this is significant.

Second, most of Charon's characters are high school age. The fact that this game's characters are in kindergarten is yet another way it differs from normal. Of course, this means that Charon is operating outside of their comfort zone here.

With that said, let's get into the game, and find out just what kind of friend Kotomi is.


  1. With Friends Like These...
    Kindergarteners just say the darndest things, don't they?
  2. ...Who Needs Yanderes? (Mikoto Nikki)
    It's basically Slender: Weeb Edition.
  3. Final Words