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Nicole vs. Jocks

Previously on Class of '09, we sent no less than three suspected sex pests behind bars, in the process earning enough money to live it up in Hollywood.

As with most visual novels, this game has a number of branching paths, with vastly different plotlines. As mentioned before, there are 15 different endings in total.

For this next route, we will be focusing on Kylar, the dim-witted, drug-addicted jock Nicole met on her first day.

Video without commentary:

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Video with (text) commentary (it is recommended that you watch this):

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Thoughts on this route (click to view)

Well, another day, another horny dumbass to ruin.

From the start, it's very clear that Kylar has a bit of a one track mind regarding sports. He seems to believe that he can make it big as a professional lacrosse player (that I didn't think existed outside of Canada)

And while he isn't as explicitly predatory as, for instance, the gym coach, he still views Nicole pretending to take a minor interest in him as a willingness to have sex with him.

Naturally, Nicole can use this situation to her advantage. She talks him into doing something "impressive" to prove his devotion to her, and he doesn't question it for even a second.

As one would reasonably expect, this causes him to suffer a severe, life-threatening injury, and since he was foolish enough to just give Nicole his house key, this allows her to just go inside and steal all of his prescription drugs.

Unfortunately, it's this choice that leads her to ruin, as she ends up overdosing and having to be sent to rehab. Unlike the previous ending, where Nicole becomes a millionaire, here, she ends up in an arguably worse place than she was before. Of course, I expected something like this; it's a sociopath simulator, not a freedom-from-consequences simulator.

One last thing: as creepy as the counselor is, the mental image of Nicole "whimsically strolling" may be the funniest part of this game so far.