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Nicole vs. Nerds

Previously on Class of '09, we encountered another sex pest, talked a drug-addicted jock into hideously maiming himself, stole his meds, and got sent to rehab.

This time around, we'll be focusing on the resident anime nerd. Given that the game's creator made a name for himself making anime parodies, this should no doubt be interesting.

Video with text commentary:

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Thoughts on this route (click to view)

Not a whole lot about this route was suprising, to be honest.

Jeffrey getting beat up for liking manga? Par for the course.

His explaining his fetishes to the first person willing to lend an ear (even if only for her personal gain)? Figures.

Nicole telling everyone at school about it the very next day? Really, he brought this on himself.

Jeffrey putting on an all-black outfit with a skull while ranting about how Nicole ruined his life? Hilarious.

His going on to shoot up the school in retaliation? Well, he did say he'd make her pay, so...