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Nicole vs. Normal Guys

Previously on Class of '09, Nicole gained a weeaboo's trust (it was incredibly easy), leading him to tell her all about his horrible fetishes. Naturally, she tells the whole school about it, leading him to shoot up the school before killing himself.

In most dating sims, you have a selection of love interests to choose from. This game does something similar; three of Nicole's male classmates are available for her to string along.

We've already done this to two of them, now all that's left is the last, and in my opinion, the least interesting one.

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Thoughts on this route (click to view)

Unlike the last two routes, there's not a whole lot going on with this route, though that could be because there's not a lot to Crispin to begin with.

In his "proper" introduction (that is, in the girls' bathroom, rather than in the hallway on the first day) he prattles on about his favorite bands while Nicole barely so much as feigns interest.

From there, things play out in a way that's vaguely similar to both Jeffrey's and Kylar's routes. Crispin, fueled by hormones, does something incredibly foolish that ends up leading to his ruin--in this case, sending Nicole a dick pic.

(Note that, as Crispin is probably underage, what he did is illegal, especially considering that he sent the picture to another minor.)

While I wouldn't say that Nicole gets a happy ending here, she isn't exactly brought to ruin here either; rather, she is effectively at the same place she was at the start of the story. And all this due to her mother's short-sightedness; she's spent so much money on frivolous nonsense that she has practically nothing left over to protect her daughter.