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Nicole vs. the Photo Teacher

Previously on Class of '09, one of Nicole's classmates rambled on about his music tastes in an attempt to sound deeper than he is. He then showed Nicole a dick pic, proving that when it comes down to it, he's just as much of a hormone-driven freak as every other male character we've encountered so far.

There is only one prominent male character that we haven't yet explored in depth--Mr. White, the photography teacher. When we last saw him, he was being taken to court due to Nicole falsely accusing him of sexual assault. However, do these accusations have any grounding? Does he really have it in him to groom his own students?

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Good news, we finally have a male character who isn't a horrible pervert!

Bad news, he's a white supremacist who's trying to recruit high schoolers to his cause! (So in that sense, he's still trying to groom them--just not sexually.)

Aside from his name, there was one really obvious clue as to Mr. White's motives; his wanting to take Nicole to White Wheat Fields. For the unaware, white women in wheat fields is a common visual trope in white nationalist circles.

I can tell that the creators really did their homework on this subject, particularly on what draws people into groups like these. From a need for societal acceptance, to frustration with the perceived preferential treatment of minorities, to simply finding their arguments reasonable, the story covers quite a few bases. It helps that there doesn't seem to be a single non-white student at the school.

Indeed, Nicole ends up opposing the group, not out of any form of moral obligation to combat what it stands for, but out of, as one would reasonably expect at this point, a desire to spread chaos.

On a side note, she meets the counselor twice in this route, and I have the suspicion that the writer was drawing from personal experience, judging by the way he's written.

The ending may be the single funniest moment that I've encountered in this game so far. What better way to combat a white supremacist group than by bringing it to the attention of a black supremacist group?