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Hit The Ground Running

Firstly, here's the video for the game's intro sequence (I strongly suggest watching it):

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My thoughts (click to view)


No shit it sounds evil, but at least she's honest about it. I don't think anything she does from here on will challenge this impression, though.


This intro is really not letting up with the messed-up crap happening around our protagonist. Just look at this. Restraining orders? Her mom's been divorced eight times? No wonder she's not exactly keen on socializing.


Looks like things are finally looking up for her. Things have stabilized enough for her to have a proper social circle.


Oh right I forgot. She's a sociopath.


I get that this is an attempt at humanizing our protagonist, but one of the hallmarks of sociopathy is manipulating other people, so I'm not sure if this is just a trick or not.


I had no idea that you could get evicted for piracy. I had no idea that the RIAA was that powerful.


How convenient it is that she moved into the same neighborhood as her dad. Then again, given her mom's track record...


...Well then.

You gotta appreciate how this is timed. It's almost like her dad somehow knew that his maladjusted, sociopathic daughter would show up, and so shot himself the moment he heard her knock on the door.


A Cookie Monster magnet. Not sure why she'd dwell on that particular detail, but I'll admit, it might be the funniest part of this scene.


Called it. Also, it's weird that it took this long to reveal our protagonist's name.


Figures. Her dad kills himself, and, rather than feel any sorrow at all, she takes the chance to bash men as a whole.


Nicole's philosophy in a nutshell, everyone.


She's moving out again, and just when she got settled! I can only imagine that this will do wonders for her mental state.