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Crying Wolf Part 2

Adventures With Anxiety

Previously on Adventures With Anxiety, we played as the embodiment of a human's anxiety and protected them from the horrors of their social media feed, causing them to break down and smash their phone. Despite that, they still decided to attend a party being promoted on that same social media.

The second chapter begins with the person hosting the party talking about what the human saw on Twitter the other day.

Well, obviously they hate us even though there's no way for them to know that we sent the GIF.

Unfortunately, the human isn't as willing to listen to us as before.

However, they do react to our presence. Eventually, they should break under our pressure.

And that's exactly what ends up happening.

It turns out that the human was deliberately trying to shut us out, in an ultimately futile attempt to get rid of us for good.

While that is true, now is probably not the right time to say so.

Call me irrational? Well, if you're gonna be that way, then...

I can use that same logic against you.

So is that why he's shown here as a wolf? Just for some really on-the-nose symbolism

Granted it's not bad, seeing as how his efforts do, in a way, blow the human's house down.

Of course, it would be very unlikely that the human's literal screaming at their anxiety would go unnoticed.

Not only has the host struggled with anxiety themselves, but they also have a solution to our human's predicament.

This can only end poorly, no matter what we choose.

Up till now, I was wondering if it was possible for us to take damage. At the same time however, all that drink can do is dull the human's anxiety. There is simply no way they can get rid of us for good.

Not that it will stop them from trying.

I couldn't get the screenshot in time, but we fire a Hadoken at the human. It even plays the voice clip!

And once again, we trigger our human's fight-or-flight reflex.

And once again, we choose to fight.

The host doesn't seem to take it too badly though.

As I was saying, there's no way they can get rid of us for good. Either they learn to accept us, or something far, far worse will happen.

Just like with the previous game, there's a very obvious, on-the-nose message behind it. Say what you will about Nicky Case, but subtlety is evidently not one of their strong points.