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The Case Study

Nicky Case's Games

In recent years, the world has become more and more socially conscious, so it is little surprise that this would be reflected in the world of video games, particularly in the indie sphere. As with all gaming trends, the quality of such games is variable, but it's mainly dependent on how much the creator is able to balance gameplay with delivering the message.

Facilitated by the internet, some developers have made a name for themselves in specializing in these kinds of games.

One of these developers is Nicky Case.

"Stuff for curious and playful folks," you say? Sounds like my kind of thing.

The games and other interactive features on the site include the following:

Of course, it's these that I will be specifically focusing on.


  1. Society: The Game (We Become What We Behold)
    Hey, did you know that the mass media lies to us in the interest of maintaining relevancy? No?
  2. Crying Wolf (Adventures With Anxiety)
  3. Crying Wolf Part 2 (Adventures With Anxiety)
  4. Crying Wolf Part 3 (Adventures With Anxiety)
  5. Society: The Precursor (:the game: trilogy)
    Actually it's more "Contemporary Pop Culture" than "Society."
  6. Final Words