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#1: Miner Setbacks
(Beep Boop Bitcoin)
A cutting satire of the cryptocurrency community that just gets more relevant as time goes on
Started 1/8/2022
Finished 1/24/2022
#2: A New Era in Self-Help
(Moe Era)
An oddly familliar-looking dating sim meant to show you how to improve your life. How on earth does it go about doing so?
Started 2/8/2022
Finished 4/11/2022
#3: An RPG Most Fowl
(Garbage Pigeons)
Started 4/13/2022
Finished 4/26/2022
#4: Free and Open Source Literature
(Marienbad My Love)
A vertical slice of the longest novel ever written, appropriated by yours truly.
Started 5/1/2022
Finished 5/29/2002
#5: Lisa: The Shameless
(Escape From Detroit)
Every success has its cheap, poorly made imitators.
Started 6/6/2022
Finished 6/13/2022
#6: The (Mostly) Authentic High School Experience
(Class of 09)
Finally, a visual novel for me!
Started 7/2/2022
Finished 9/8/2022
#7: The Case Study
(Nicky Case's games)
Started 10/16/2022
Finished 1/19/2023
#8: The Schoolyard Underworld
(Full Bokko Youchien)
Tired of those visual novels that take place in high school? Well, here's one set in a kindergarten!
Started 2/3/2023
Finished 2/26/2023

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